Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Karst ? Photos and Links to Learn Rock Science

I just saw this word recently.  It's in a brochure from Dai Sekirinzan mountains in northern Okinawa, Japan.

When I read that,  I thought "Karst. Hah!  They spelled something wrong and I gottum good"!
It sounds like something you'd hear on the Redneck Channel.  "Hey Bubba.  What'd that karst ya"?

 Well, I took plenty of pictures of these rocks and could hardly wait to get the researching done.

 The mountains in the Okinawa Quasi-National Park are full of these limestone-looking, jagged rocks.

 Some of them have flowers and ferns growing out of them and nice green grass grows around others.
 When you get back in the forest where there isn't so much sunshine, not much grows on them.

 In some spots trees grow between the rocks and stay there until they get blown over or fall over dead.

It's some rugged country.  Some of those rocks are sharp as a knife so, I wouldn't recommend walking around there barefoot or in flip-flops because, I can testify, it'll mangle your feet.

Well, I did my research for you.  Karst is a word that came from GERMANY.  No wonder I never heard of it. 

Now, you know what it looks like.

If you want to learn more about it, all the scientific descriptions are in WIKIPEDIA.

You can study-up on rock science to see if there's any karst where you live.  

That way you'll know where not to go in flip-flops.  Rednecks would say "It won't karst you anything at all" ! 

This will be my submission to TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY .  Thataway if that Canadian gal, Nancy ever decides to come visit Okinawa from her home in Korea, she'll know what to wear..

If you get a chance, have a look at all the TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY entries, she gets some great ones from around the globe.


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