Monday, June 6, 2016

Miyagi Island Never Disappoints -- Just Remain Flexible

art, wooden,field, Miyagi Island, Okinawa

An Unexpected Discovery



Searching for works of art, wasn't in the plan for today but, look at what I found.

The reason we went out to that island, was to find a castle, we had never heard of before.

Map It Okinawa dude and, I love finding new, off-the-wall places, to tell you about.

We got real close to the castle today but, decided to postpone the excursion.

The next time we go castle hunting, we'll be better prepared and, getterdun.

Nobody warned us about, needing machetes, boots, jeans, snake and bug repellent, to get there.

Thunderstorms and hunger, came along while we were out exploring.

It's a good thing this artwork was spotted and a photo taken, earlier in the day.

A sign, posted nearby gave me some information about the masterpiece.

The work was done by an artist named Yasuto Hibi and, here's what it represents:

"Wood aiming to be a gigantic tree."

Is that cool or what ?

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