Friday, December 9, 2016

8 Images of Tundra Bean Geese in Flight

Migratory Visitors to Okinawa

A scientist would call this Bean Goose, Anser serrirostris because, that's the way they talk.

These birds only come to our island for the winter months.

This morning, I was up and out of the house before the sun came up.

Bean Geese in flight, pair, birds, Anser serrirostris

This pair of birds was on the ground, when I first spotted them and, they saw me coming.

Plenty of photos were taken, before they decided, to take off in flight.

birds, Bean Geese, pair, flight

The males of this species are a bit larger than the females. Look closely at the second bird.

The one that seems to be yapping at her mate. Now, let's have some fun.

Male and female geese in flight

Imagine her screaming at him, "What did I tell you?  That guy's gonna shoot us."

Bean Geese flying, male and female

"Wait 'til your mother-in-law hears about this. You never listen to me."

Pair of birds in flight

She goes on and on, flapping her wings and mouth, while he says nothing.

birds flying, geese

"The old man was sneaking up on us and, you did nothing."

birds in flight

"Now, he's shooting us, like we're a pair of sitting ducks."

Geese flying in blue skies

So he's thinking. "Later honey. I have to land somewhere and, take a crap.  See ya later."

FOOTNOTE: Now, everybody knows why, I'm not a scientist.

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