Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Animations: Carving of a Tuna

Chef with a knife cuts off the head

Off with the Head

This performance draws a large crowd every time. The chef is explaining how it's done.

They have him, wired for sound. He talks while cutting and, he moves along quickly.

Before any vegetarians start complaining, I'd like to ask a question.

What part of a carrot, do you slice off, first ?

Butchering of a tuna fish at a festival

Next, he slices and removes all the other parts of the fish, that get in his way.

In just a few minutes, the tuna is diced into little chunks and, served to the crowd.

Other things had to be done so, I had to leave after this highlight event.

One year, the tuna wasn't enough, to feed everybody so, they had to bring one more.

It's a good thing, there's plenty more fish in the ocean, is what I'm thinking.

It would be a shame, to go to a festival, where they did things different.

I'd probably be real sad if, I saw them cutting a bunch of baby carrot heads off !

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