Friday, December 30, 2016

That Time Jerry Hit Me with the Sliders

Three Cameramen Walk into a Bar

One was from Oklahoma, one from Wisconsin and, I'm right here.

It wasn't for the purpose of drinking booze or, anything like that.

We heard a rumor, they served Black Angus cow meat there so, that's why we went.

First, I offered to pay for the lunch because, I had money.

But, the senior guy, insisted on buying for everyone.

Out of respect (maybe) I said, "Alright."

The other two guys, ordered regular size  burgers.

In the past, I had been cautioned about the double burger.

It's way too much for the average person, to eat.

So, that's what I ordered. I don't like being average.

If, you stop and think about it; that's too easy.

Of course, everyone was done eating, before me.

It was quite a filling meal and, took some doing.

Jerry, the guy from Oklahoma, decided to shoot me.

He's actually some sort of preacher, I'd say.

But, he don't mind hearing me cuss so, he's OK.

Don't worry. There was some pretty women in the place.

The gentlemen side of me won't cuss around ladies.

I just pretended, I was a normal person and, ate.

And, Jerry, fired away with his Fuji camera.

These Aren't My Photos

After, he downloads the images, Jerry does some photo processing, to spiff things up.

He likes to play with the sliders, the editing program gives you, for adjustments.

So, the images, of me eating sliders, got tweaked with sliders, too.

He sent them to me and, it gave me an idea. Put them on my blog if, he would consent.

Even though, the subject is me, I don't own the copyright to those images.

So, before posting them, I had to get the photographer's permission.

Look up Jerry TheDissenter on Facebook, to see more of his work.

Then, come back here and let me know something.

Do I look better, eating the sliders on full color or, black and white ?

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