Thursday, December 1, 2016

End of the Month Parting Shot: Osprey in Flight

Pandion haliaetus, bird flying in pale skies

Maybe Not the Best Bird of November

But, it sure was fun trying to catch this critter in some blue skies.

Yesterday, was sort of a goof-off day, for the professor (Doc) and I; we had no plan.

Neither of us, carried long lenses, which we should have, for shooting birds.

The weather forecast was sort of iffy and, rain could be expected.

When he arrived at my office he said, "Where should we go north or south?"

Having just received an influenza shot and, a bit sore I didn't really care.

Any where, I could get by, without humping a heavy lens and tripod, sounded good.

We started going north, then came up with another idea,

Let's drive south, to Itoman and see if, the Spoonbills have showed up, this year.

All Kinds of Birds

There were ducks, herons, coots, egrets, Japanese White Eyes and stilts but, no Spoonbills.

We positioned ourselves on the far side of the wetlands, with the sun at our backs.

After awhile, of picking away at birds, that were truly out of range, an osprey flew by.

It was way up in nice blue skies but, wouldn't get close enough for, us to get some great shots.

Every time, it came within range, the rascal would turn and, fly into the sun.

Sometimes, I swear those birds know what, I'm trying to do and, just mess with me.

While they circle around overhead, I talk to them, trying to get the best pose.

"This way, that way, look at me, when the sun lights up those eyes" and stuff like that.

Should one of those psychiatric doctors come along, I'd probably get hauled away.

So, I really don't speak loud enough for anybody, close by, to hear me.

Take a Little Break

What, I tell Doc, "If you quit paying attention, for a minute, the osprey will come back."

Whenever, you get away from the camera, to relieve yourself or, light up a cigarette, it happens.

I bet, out in the wilderness, it's been my misfortune, over a thousand times.

So, we practised being vegetarians, for a while by, smoking Japanese cigarettes. 

No. I'm not crazy. Frank Zappa, is where I learned this from. Cigarettes are food.

So, that's a good enough excuse, for me, to become a part time vegetarian. Hah.

There were only three cigarette butts in my pocket when, I took this shot.

And, I told Doc, we could go do lunch because, I thought maybe, I got a good one !

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