Thursday, December 15, 2016

Animation of a Taimo Farmer

Water Potato Field

The Taimo is a staple crop, grown in the wetlands of Kin Town. Call it a yam if, you like.

Hard working guys and gals, work this crop year round, producing these purple potatoes.

At the bottom edge, of this photo, is sort of a rice paddy dike. The farmer, is in water.

Men and women, aged between their 20's and 90's, can be seen, farming the taimo.

Most of them, know me because, I'm always slipping and sliding on the muddy dikes.

They know, I'm a cameraman, hunting wildlife and, won't harm their crops.

Some of the gals say, "Hi Mikesan." It makes me wonder. "How she know my name?"

I always greet people, in those fields but, never formally introduce myself.

Maybe some of those younger ladies have seen me in a karaoke bar and, got my name that way.

Girls, have different wardrobes for farming and partying.  I always look the same.

Out in the potato fields, they might be wearing scarfs or face masks. Can't recognize them.

Me, it's always a white beard, yellow flip-flops and, regular duds. Nothing fancy.

Anyway, I decided to make a GIF of someone, farming the water potato fields.

These folks deserve a lot of credit for their hard labor so, I made this dude the subject.

When I get spruced up, to do some downtown drinking maybe, I'll figure it out.

If, some gal says, "Mikesan, why didn't you take my picture?" I will next time.

More About Taimo

They are also known as taro or tannmu and, a fertility symbol.

Taimo are featured on the painted manhole covers in Kin Town.

Some people call them Purple Sweet Potatoes.

If, you ask me, they are an ingredient in the best cheesecake on this island.

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