Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sky Over Kin Town the Day After Christmas 2016

Looking east in Kin Town at buildings and sky

There's a Chance of Rain

The weather gurus tricked me, again. I decided not, to take a long camera excursion.

They claimed, we'd have scattered showers. Maybe, it'll happen after dark.

That's alright though, I climbed up onto the roof and, took two quick photos.

Looking east, ocean is barely visible, at the horizon.

This position is where I shoot the moon from, when I don't feel like going on a long hike.

The wife and I, went on sort of a Christmas date last evening and, partied hard.

By 3 AM, we figured there was enough cold preventative medicine in us to last all winter.

We took a taxi, to get home and, I believe, she's probably, still sleeping.

It was 3 PM, when I climbed the stairs to the roof of my office and, shot this photo.

There's not enough daylight hours left, for me to get a few hours of walking done.

So, I think, I'll listen to my body, go home and get some rest.

Then, grab a raincoat, go see what's going on downtown and, do some conditioning.

There's another holiday weekend, coming soon and, I want to stay in shape !

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