Saturday, December 10, 2016

Silly Sign Took Some Research

Speed Hump, sign

Why Tell People This ?

If, I wanted to slow traffic down, I would have said, "Speed Bump, not Hump."

Well, I did a search and, learned something at Maine Department of Transportation.

There's speed humps and bumps. You decide, which suits the situation best.

Speed Humping Has a Different Meaning

Over at Urban Dictionary they, give some examples.  I'll just quote this one:

"Cory is such a speed humper.... we were done in like eight seconds!"

OK. One More:

"We were running super late to the fiesta so Keisha and I had to speed hump in the shower yo."

Search Continued

These internet investigations, always lead to some interesting findings.

For some strange reason, Dr. Ruth popped up, over at Washington Post.

That little granny (who's a sex expert) was also a sniper at one point in her lifetime.

So, you know, she's got to be a straight shooter.

In both situations above, I'll bet she'd just recommend "Slow Down."

Checkout her YouTube Channel

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