Sunday, December 11, 2016

Animation of Some December Eisa in Okinawa

Cheer Up Folks in Snow Country

It felt like springtime out in Ginoza, where they had a Hamburger Festival today.

There were some classic cars and bikes, to look at but, I liked the Eisa dances best.

Now, I'm back in my office processing photos and, the temperature dropped a few degrees.

Clouds rolled in and the wind started picking up so, I put a jacket on.

I'll try and get back into the house, without the Mrs. seeing me; I don't want any trouble.

If, I get caught, I know she'll holler because, I went out in shorts and flip-flops.

She'll probably say, "You're gonna catch a death of a cold, dressed like that."

Don't this weather, make you wish, you lived in Okinawa ?

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