Monday, December 19, 2016

Magnificent Osprey in Flight

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Sun Goddess Made It Happen

Walking to the office yesterday, my intentions were, to work all day, indoors, on a story.

It was cold so, I dressed in warm, winter clothes and, almost put socks on my feet.

It looked like it might rain so, I told the wife, I'd put the socks on later.

It started sprinkling, halfway to work and I smiled, thinking about, what, I told the missus.

The socks, would have got wet, on my feet. They went in my pocket, instead.

Rainy Winter Days Are Perfect for Office Work

It may surprise some folks, to hear that, I started doing physical conditioning exercises.

One morning I decided, too much soft fat, was beginning to creep into this old body.

Around the 1st of November, I began doing some simple, flexibility stretching and twisting.

Each week, something new, got added to the regimen. Tougher stuff.

With rain and cold wind blowing, I decided to workout indoors, yesterday.

At least, warm up enough, to where I wouldn't need the jacket, when going outside.

Out back, there are some cement blocks, I use for weight training. Too cheap, to buy weights.

After working up a little sweat, I went out to toss cement blocks around.

The whole physical training session, lasts about an hour, these days. It's good.

My head, would be clear and, writing a story could have been simple.  Then it happened.

Sunshine Busted Out All Over the Place !

Now I, don't want to sound sacrilegious or, nothing like that. Folks believe in all kinds of gods.

Somebody, up there, made the sun shine for me yesterday. Must be a woman. They're the best.

The socks, got thrown on a desk, a short sleeve shirt, replaced the flannel one.

I packed some lunch, grabbed a camera and, walked in the sun, until, it went down.

By the time, I returned, it was dark outside and over 700 photos of birds, got downloaded.

There isn't time for me, to look at all of yesterday's photos. Guess what ?

Sunshine, just busted out all over the island, again.  See ya tomorrow, maybe !

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