Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Colorful Irritated Kingfisher (カワセミ) at Kin Dam

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The Base of Kin Dam

There wasn't much activity in the sky today but, I took a long camera walk, anyway.

Kawasemi (カワセミ) would be, what a Kingfisher is called, locally.

When, I saw it land, I was hoping, it might dive into the water below and, grab some fish.

Probably, a hundred images, of the bird, were taken, before it flew away.

The little character, seemed upset about something and kept, flapping its wings.

Maybe, there's a nest and mama bird, behind that netting and, he was warning them.

"Don't come out and, give away our position.  Wait until, I say it's all clear.

There's some idiot with a camera, on the bridge and, he keeps shooting, everytime, I move."

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