Monday, December 5, 2016

A Sunny December Day and Plenty Got Done

red rock, blue skies, white clouds

Gimbaru Okinawa

Something, I saw at the Health Food Festival yesterday, made me go here.

This morning it was raining but, things turned out alright this afternoon.

When, I first got to the office, somebody on Facebook got me riled-up.

So, I turned the thing off, grabbed a camera and, went on a mission.

Some folks, wanted to know where they could buy Ryukyu Agu pork meats.

Other people, I'll call non-meat eaters, think, I'm an animal. I don't pick on them.

And, I don't go around, telling them, what they should or, shouldn't eat.

Poor li'l pig got killed for people, to eat. I can't recall, ever eating one alive.

Poor li'l carrots and strawberries probably, get sacrificed for vegetarians, too. So?

Kin Agu Is on the Way to that Red Rock

So, I figured it would be a good idea, to have lunch there and, do some research.

Snap a few photos, eat some healthy pork and do a Google review.

rice, salad, soup, pork burger, meal

There's what I had for lunch. A dead pig hamburger, some dead rice, salad and soup.

The meal came to a grand total of 800 yen, which is less than, ten bucks.

restaurant, tables, chairs

People like to see the inside of places and, find out how roomy they might be.

So, when all other customers, were gone, I got permission, to shoot the whole joint.

Japanese menu, pork

The menu is in Japanese and, nothing costs over 1,000 yen. That's cheap !

People who can't read Japanese, should learn or, bring along a friend, who does.

There's a freezer stocked with meats, you can buy, to take home and cook.

The Ryukyu Agu meat, isn't stocked in regular grocery stores. But, you can buy some here.

It was past 2 PM when I left this restaurant and, I had a long hike to go on.

pine trees, ocean, striated rocks

It would take a few hours, for me, to find these red rocks, along Okinawa's east coast.

If the ocean, wasn't visible, I'd swear someone, took these pictures in Arizona.

By the time, I got back into town, I was glad my office lights were still turned on.

At 6 PM, it gets mighty dark around here. The camera got downloaded and, I went to work.

Now, folks who want to eat Agu pork, can read my review and, get directions.

One of these days, I'll show vegetarians, where to get their food, too.

Friends and family, in my crowd, happen to be vegetarians, as well. I don't lecture them.

And, they probably know, there isn't much sense, in trying to reform me. I'm an animal.

Thank you.

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