Friday, July 28, 2017

An Ocean Breeze and Some Shade Is All You Need

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When Okinawa Gets Too Hot

Temperatures and humidity have been going off the charts recently on this island.

An early riser, I'm usually up and about before the sun rises.

It's cool enough outside, to take the dog for a walk, while buying my morning iced coffee.

Once the sun rises above the surrounding buildings, it gets too hot for outdoor activity.

So, I've been hanging around at home, enjoying the air-conditioning and, going to work late.

Late afternoons, some buildings provide shade, along one side of the street.

Even when there's no wind blowing, shadows provide some relief from the blazing hot sun.

On the hottest, most humid day, a tree, shade and an ocean breeze, are gifts from heaven.

This photo reminded me of one of those days, I was thanking the heavens for shade.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Pentax 15-30 at 23MM

Exposure: f/11   1/1250   ISO 400

Location: Horizon Curry Works, Chatan, Okinawa

Date and Time: JUN 28 2017  12:44 PM

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