Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How Aloe Juice Led to the Edible Woman

Can of aloe juice in Japan resting on aloe plant

Not Making This Up

Since my body got roasted by the sun over the weekend, I've been using plenty of aloe.

It grows like wildfire, in this part of the world and, I've been hacking stems off the plants.

Stick them in the fridge for awhile, slice them open and, use them for treating skin problems.

The past few days, I look like a dog with the mange; skin peeling off my hide in chunks.

Walking the back streets, where I'm not so visible, I spotted this aloe drink.

Maybe, I need some aloe internally as well as, externally, was what I got thinking.

The machine was on a shady side of the street so, I bought one and, rested for awhile.

The mercury has been rising to the top of the thermometer before 9 AM, this week.

It feels more like August, than July so, I take it slow, heading to the office.

There was shade and a slight breeze at that location. A five minute rest, couldn't hurt.

Instead of drinking the juice, I used the can to massage my face and sunburned arms.

By the time I got to the office, the can was warm so, I placed it in the refrigerator.

A few hours later, it was ice cold again and, I figured it was time to experiment.

When I popped the top on the can, I did it with caution.

Drinks from a Japanese vending machine sometimes, are carbonated. This one wasn't.

It sort of surprised me, when I went to gulp the cold juice down.  Very little came out.

When I went to take another swig, I figured it out.  There's chunks of aloe in the drink.

It's pretty sweet and, I'm not crazy about sweets so, I won't do a Mad Mike's Review.

Research on Sangaria

Wikipedia gives some information and, links to the company's English/Japanese websites.

But, this particular drink, I couldn't locate, to give more details for those interested.

Using Google USA and Japan and Yahoo Japan Search, I discovered a few things.

Over at Rocket News they discuss, mixing sake with fruits for those into "fruity drinks."

After finding Edible Woman and, her Patio Drinks, I decided my homework was done !

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