Monday, July 24, 2017

Life Doesn't Have to Be a Beach

Beach scene on a remote island

An Image to Chase Monday Morning Blues

This photo was taken while riding the ferry between Aka and Zamami Islands.

It was kind of surprising to see people out on this remote beach, far from any civilization.

There are no convenience stores, soda machines, ice cream stands or, power lines.

It's highly unlikely, they walked there. Probably, they were transported by boat.

As long as, they have made arrangements to return to a larger island, they should be fine.

A tent for shade, coolers with ice for food and drinks and, some beachwear is, all you need.

No wi-fi, electrical gadgets or, loud city noises, to disturb the sun seekers. Wow.

Got sunscreen, check. Salsa and chips, check. Beer and wine, check.

Honey, where's the toilet paper ?  Oh, crap, I thought you were supposed to pack that stuff !

Can ya put it on hold 'til 6PM ?

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