Friday, July 21, 2017

Natural Sunburn Treatment Using Aloe Plant

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Best Things in Life Are Free

The sunburn and skin medicines I use, grow outside my house and office. Aloe.

It's great for cuts, scratches, rashes, sunburn and, other uses, I haven't tried, yet.

After a few days, under the hot Okinawa sun, I returned home as red as a tomato.

Most folks use lotions on their skin, to prevent ultra violet rays from burning them.

I don't want to get all slippery and, drop a few thousand dollars worth of camera and lens.

So, I get in the shade, whenever I can and, fry in the sunshine, otherwise.

Slicing spikes off aloe with a steak knife

Back in civilization some stalks of aloe get sliced-up with a steak knife.

The barbs, poking out of the plant's sides, need to be trimmed off, unless you want more pain.

Trim barbs from both sides of stalk

These photos were taken with the iPhone. The aloe was refrigerated overnight.

Scientists and purists, might say the cold aloe, won't heal the skin as quickly.

Well, I ain't  a science dude and, quit being pure, many moons ago.

Ice cold aloe, slices easier and, feels great on sunburn !

Chunks of aloe being sliced down the middle

Once all the spikes are removed, slice the chunks right down the middle.

Then, you have one to hold in each hand. Smear that cold cream all over the sunburn.

Aloe ready to rub over sunburned knee

Here's an image of the cool medicine, ready to be rubbed on sunburn.

My back, shoulders, face and arms would all get the same treatment.

GIF of aloe being rubbed on sunburned knee

Before long, the sunburn quits hurting and, my newly tanned hide appears.

If all goes as planned, my skin will just keep getting darker and, no more sunburn will occur this year !

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