Monday, July 31, 2017

Konan: Okinawa's Champions for 2017

Konan High School Baseball Champions 2017

Number One on this Island

Each prefecture in Japan gets to send a high school team to Osaka for the championships.

This year, Konan High School in Naha City, boasts Okinawa's best players.

Living in Japan, you soon learn, high school baseball is extremely important.

Over a million people, from around the country, attend these playoffs.

People, who wouldn't waste their time on professional baseball, go berserk over this event.

Talent scouts from Japan and the USA, watch these players closely, looking for recruits.

Taking photos of a Konan towel

Normally, I don't go around shooting sports towels in my office.

A grandson of a sister-in-law is on the team, headed to Osaka for the championship.

Excuse the mess but, I was in a hurry to photograph this special towel.

It's the cleaning lady's day off and, I ain't gonna straighten things up. I'm a regular guy.

Konan sports towel being photographed

The idea was, to create an image, I could post on the Facebook Page header.

All the distractions in the foreground and background could be wiped out later.

It kept me out of the hot sun in a comfortably cool office today.

With a little bit of wizardry all the junk in the scene could be removed.

Then, I can put the image on Facebook and, go someplace air-conditioned, where there's beer.

Go Konan Go

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