Monday, July 17, 2017

In the Shower - Pentax K1 After 3 Days at Sea

Pentax and lens on a tripod in the shower

Not an Everyday Event

This is the camera, I used last weekend for shooting the annual sailing sabani races.

We were out at sea on doing island things Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Plenty of sea, sand and salt spray, were experienced along the way.

Once in awhile, salty spray from the ocean waves, would hit my lens and, I had to think quickly.

Rain water, wouldn't be much of a problem because, this camera is weatherproof.

A lens tissue, could wipe fresh rain water off the lens and, I could keep on shooting.

A tropical storm had formed and, our sabani team took a bit longer than, expected to hit Naha.

What normally, would be a 4-6 sea voyage, lasted about 10 hours, for me, aboard a fishing boat.

Whenever the lens got splashed with seawater, I had to rinse it off somehow.

The team, paddling in rough seas, needed water, more than my camera for survival.

So, I reached in my back pocket and pulled out a bottle of ocha, I kept for drinking.

Splash a few swigs of that on the lens and, I'd let it run off then, use a lens tissue.

Once, we safely arrived at a Capsule Hotel in Naha, the camera and I got quick showers.

It would be Monday before, I got back to the office and unpacked my bags.

Then, I placed the Pentax on a tripod and, gave it a good 15 minute hosing.

The photo was taken with my iPhone. You weren't expecting to see me in it, I hope !

NOTE: Don't Attempt This With Any Camera Except Pentax

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