Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Subtle Changes in the Rock Garden

Animated GIF of a rock garden and gardening trowel

An Untrained Eye Might Not Notice

The shadows and light (outdoors) are always changing and, things in the garden, may move.

Today, I took a wide angle lens and tripod along with the camera, out behind my office.

The little woman of my house, made me promise, not to go on a long walk in the hot sun.

Lately, it's been brutally hot in Okinawa, shortly after the sun rises.

Most of my winter hide, has peeled of the skeleton and, the summer skin is itching to go.

 I swore I wouldn't go on any long hikes with the cameras and, hangout in the AC at the office.

Maybe, I'd make a run to buy lunch and hit the ATM machine, for money.

"Money" she says.  "That's a good idea, I always need money."  "Yeah, I know. Bye."

The Garden Trowel

It would be a distraction if, you were looking closely, to see the changes in the rock garden.

With the camera, locked down steady on the tripod, I played with camera settings.

Changing aperture, shutter speeds and focus points, several images were created.

Someone trying to find an ant or, blade of grass, moving in the scene, might be distracted.

But, I figured there are other folks, who need the garden tool, to keep their interest.

That trowel, I've had for a few years now and, it only cost about a buck.

Cheap and the blade gets bent sometimes. A hammer fixes it, every time.

Bugs hop around, leaves and blades of grass, move throughout the image and, it's quiet.

The rock garden can be relaxing and, it's great therapy for the eyes after using a computer.

Even if, that red tool keeps popping in and out of view, you can relax, watching this animation.

Oops, I must have dozed off. Just now, I realized, I forgot to go to the ATM at the post office.

They closed about 2 hours ago and, I forgot to get the money !

As Kris Kristofferson would say, "Blame It on the Stones."

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