Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ferris Wheel in American Village Mihama Chatan Okinawa

The only ferris wheel on the island

One of a Kind

Over the years, I may have taken half a dozen photos of this tourist attraction.

It sort of stands out because, it's the only one on the island.

But, as many times as, I've driven or rode by it, I've never thought of hopping aboard it.

It moves so slowly, you can never be sure if, it's running or, locked in PARK.

Looking at reviews, from folks, who dared to go up there, was just accomplished.

It seems as if, it might be a great place, to take the camera, for views of the scenery below.

Once, I heard of an elderly couple, who got white-knuckled, over the thrilling ride.

Most families say, their small children, enjoyed it enough, to go back for seconds.

It would have to be a clear day, with nice sunny weather, to take photos from the contraption.

Some reviewers claimed, the thing was rusty and, didn't look well maintained.

But, most of them gave positive comments for the 500 Yen or, five bucks experience.

Arrangements will have to be made, for me to go check it out at night, when it's lit up.

It would probably, be best if, I spent the whole night down in that neighborhood.

Some of the younger crowd, reported the thing is romantic, at night.

So, I'll probably tell the wife, the camera and, I have to get out for some romance photography.

She understands and, will probably be surprised if, I can last through a 15 minute ride !


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