Friday, July 8, 2011

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (Photo)

There it is on the left side of this cell phone photo.  My old bag has the Staff armband on it.
Ever since I got this yesterday, that tune Papa's Got a Brand New Bag keeps popping into whatever's left of my brain.  Hah !  It's like having flashbacks to 1965, or something.  Woo !

Both of these Camera Holsters (that's what I call them, anyway) are made by Case Logic. 

Out of all the camera-toting things I own, that old holster has gotten the most use. 

Even when I'm toting a backpack, or big camera bag, the holster is strapped to me.

Soon, I'll do reviews and comparisons on both of these holsters.  Can't tell you the model numbers, yet.  The new one is hiding my Pentax with a zoom attached (18-250mm) and has room for another lens.  PSSST !   It's the UNDER TWENTY DOLLAR MODEL HERE!

I threw the old one's number away years ago and probably should check the trash for the new one's model number, before I lose it, too. Just too excited right now.

All my batteries are charged, or charging, cameras are stuffed into new and old holsters and I'm dancing all over the place singing that James Brown tune,  Papa's Got a Brand New Bag!



Unknown said...

Okay, now I've got this image stuck in my head of Doc looking at you real funny as you go strutting down some backwoods lane while shouting, "I FEEL GOOD!!!"

RyukyuMike said...

LOL, Doc and Ryukyu Rusty both must wonder what I'm doing when they hear me saying, "C'mon baby, the eyes, the eyes, towards the light, little more, little more. Here we go. Now yer talkin".
Could be a bird,turtle,lizzard, fish, snake, farm animal, or a bug.
I hardly ever talk to humans that way.
They'd be glad to see me singing something that made any sense!