Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Plan Today, Just Green Trees, Flowers and a Freakin' Canon !

Early this morning I walked to the bar (office) to grab the cameras and hit the road with Doc Graff.

That's when I discovered the shutter wouldn't accept my key and I was locked out.  Everything I needed for the day's photography was ready to go I just couldn't get in.  By the time Doc arrived I was madder than a pile of wet chickens.  I just said, "Let's go.  I'll be your camera advisor.  Get me outta here, far and fast"!

A lot of times the best road trips, with a camera, are when you don't have a plan.  So, we decided that's what we'd do today; have no plans.  You won't be so dissapointed if nothing happens. 

It's an old Okinawan thing.  Never make plans, that way they can't go wrong. 

We were in a hurry to get nowhere when I spotted these cool-looking trees groomed like the tiled roof of a traditional Okinawan home.  It's a good thing I always look for these photo opportunities because Doc is always watching where he's going on the road.

We whipped a u-ey and pulled off the highway.  Doc grabbed his Pentax and I used my cell phone.

The red and yellow flowers, along with the dark green leaves of the well-manicured trees would make a great photo, I thought.  Dang, I wish I'd have had a real camera !

Point and shoot, kneel and squat, move around and shoot from different angles.  People driving along the road must have thought I was crazy, or suicidal trying to compose photos from where I could get run over.  The blasted LCD screens on cell phone cameras are almost impossible to see when you're out in bright daylight.  I hate them.  I need a viewfinder.

The next stop we made was at Kitamura Camera Store.  So, what the heck,  I've been wanting to get a CANON G12 for a long time.   Ever since they first came out, I've been researching different makes and models of point and shooters.  My first priority being, it has to shoot RAW.
Then, other must-haves are a viewfinder and an LCD screen that I can twist to different angles, or turn the stupid thing OFF, if I want to.  Well, I got that sucker, now.  Standby for a review.

If you'd like to see what other users of the G12 have to say in their reviews, follow the link above.

Today started off sort of down in the dumps.  After seeing those green trees, pretty flowers and coming home with a Canon G12, it didn't turn out too shabby afterall.  The office is unlocked now and the news is saying another typhoon may be headed our way.  So, I won't make any plans for the weekend. 

It's an Okinawan thing I kind of like !



Jim said...

So that's the G12 you spoke of. Very handy pocket size but with all those features iot 's the perfect pocket job. What's the optical zoom?

RyukyuMike said...

Optical zoom 28-140mm. Sorry if I seem like I'm in a hurry buy, doing my Swiss Army Knife/Pull a tick from your bellybutton post and using the G12 for the first time. Love it, so far !