Monday, July 11, 2011

Tax Trouble Tuesday Willie Nelson Dunnit So Can I, Hah !

                              Whoops, looks like I PULLED ANOTHER LITTLE WILLIE !

Today, just for the heck of it,  I'll call Tax Trouble Tuesday cuz that's what day it is where I'm at in Okinawa, Japan.  Don't worry, I haven't got tax troubles like Willie Nelson had.  What a hoot !

My delinquent taxes are on some property in California that's probably going to fall into the ocean someday.  Soon, I hope.  Do you still have to pay taxes for property you own at the bottom of the sea ?

Usually, I pay my taxes to help those poor folks back in California, way ahead of time.  But, last year, I guess I stuck the tax bill in the box with all the Christmas cards I keep forgetting to write.

Then, this pink slip came in the mail and I stuffed it in my cargo pocket so I wouldn't forget to make an online payment.

Well, I walked around in a typhoon and got everything soaked. It's dry now and I went to make an online-delinquent payment.  They wouldn't take my money because the online robots were too busy counting everybody else's delinquent tax payments. Sounds like business is booming there !

So, they're getting my taxes, the old fashioned way, by snail mail. 

My penalties and all comes up to less than the cost of a sixpack of beer.  No need to auction off any of the wife's (excess) household possessions or anything like that.  I could skip a few beers this week and come out ahead, I suppose.

It's not even the IRS, just the state of California.  I have kinfolk there so, I don't wish the whole place would fall in the ocean.  Just my property would be good enough, for me. Unless Willie wants the place.  I'd give him a good deal.


Hah, and somebody named Jody went in the comments department and called Willie a "rich, hippy dope head".  Wonder what Jody was smoking ?  There ain't no hippies in Texas, are there ?



Hermitbiker said...

.... somebody trash talkin' Willie... how dare they ... lol !! He's been smokin' all his life and no one's gonna change that !! He and HIS friends have done more for American's and the American farmer than any of those multi-billion dollar let's send money overseas kind of do gooders !!

PS. I know that person was not you... I figure you for a person who likes Willie's music !!

Take care Mike and keep an eye out for The Taxman... lol !!

RyukyuMike said...

Yup, Willie Nelson has always been one of my favorites 'cept I tried to get him to buy my last new camera and he wouldn't reply so, I got it with plastic money. Hah !

Unknown said...

I got to wash the windows on Willie's Tour Bus while I was working at the 76 Truckstop in Amarillo, TX back in '85 (I think)! I didn't get to meet him, but his manager gave me some goodies.

On a kinda, sorta, maybe related note, we got quite a shock when we saw that our utility bill for this month was over $357, which is over twice as much as last month and over a hundred dollars more than the highest bill last year. Upon further investigation, the overcharge was due to them having us down for using over 32,000 gallons of water, and after I talked to one of their customer service reps, it is looking like it was just a mistake by meter reader. Hopefully, it will get corrected in another day or two.

RyukyuMike said...

Wow, I thought I had a bad day!

Ryan said...

Can't you just donate the ol place to Arnie?

RyukyuMike said...

Not sure who Arnie is but, will donate to anyone fool enuf to pick up the maintenance fees and taxes !