Monday, July 11, 2011

I Took The Japan Travel Specialist Exams and Passed !

Sure, I like to kid around and make jokes about things.  That's just the way I am.  But, when it comes down to serious things, like trying to make myself a Japan Travel Specialist that's a different story.

This is serious business.  I want everybody to visit Okinawa, Japan.  I can shoot all kinds of photos and show you what it looks like with my cameras.  But, you don't get the real deal that way.

So, I went to this Travel Agent Academy (online, of course) and took their exams.  Ouch !

A few times, they really had me stumped and I thought I was going to fail.  But, I guess I knew more about Japan than I thought I did.  Some of the stuff, I probably absorbed by osmosis from living over this way so long.  A lot of it I remembered from college days, like back in another century.

Bet y'all thought I was just goofin-off over here, huh ?  Well, I ain't.  I'm a Japan Travel Specialist, now.

Come on over, sometime and I'll show you around the place.  We can even drink some beers together !

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