Monday, July 4, 2011

Elephant Ear Plant (Photo) Crazy. What'll They Think of Next ?

I get bored.  On rainy days, I drive myself crazy.

   Like the day I shot PURPLE SHAMROCKS IN THE RAIN.

As long as I was out in the garden getting soaked, I figured I'd shoot these plants, too.  I accidently became an expert at growing the things.  They get huge.  People say they've never seen them grow as large as mine do.  They ask me for some and I give them away, FREE.

Well, I thought I knew what they were, until this morning.  I saw the exact same plants in one of those flower magazines.  You know, the magazines old ladies collect, some guys, too, I suspect.

Anyway, when the grandkids started sprouting and I didn't need a pile of the wife's magazines on a chair at the kitchen table to get them to quit dropping my ice cream all over the floor, I did what any smart photographer would do.  I threw all the flower magazines away to make more room for my stuff.  Hah !

Until now, I thought those plants were called Green Velvet, or something like that.  Not so sure, anymore. 

I wish I'd have kept that one magazine.  It really had some great pictures in it.

Today, I typed "Huge Green Leaf Plant White Veins" into the Google Thingy and found all kinds of plants like this.  They have all sorts of names for them but the one that just cracked me up was Elephant Ear.

Not that I want to start getting a bunch of hate mail or anything like that but, are the folks who name these plants just bored, or are they crazy ?  

Elephants don't have green ears with white veins.  What'll they think of next ?

Just think, I could probably make a RyukyuMike's Secrets to Raising Elephant Ear Plants book and become a millionaire.  I'd need a sponsor, huh ?   I reckon MELINDA GATES WOULD BE GOOD.  I just don't think she's old enough or crazy enough, yet.  I guess, I'll just have to wait.  We'll see.

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