Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thatched Roof Hut in Ada, an Okinawa Village (Photo)

Two years ago was the first time I had visited the Village of Ada in Kunigami Okinawa, Japan. This photo was taken in preparation for an article on a ritual known as the Shinugu Matsuri.

The only thatched roof hut in the Village of Ada, it is where the ceremonies for this festival begin and end.

This past week, I visited Ada, again.  Making contacts and arrangements to participate in these sort of events is important to me.

The Shinugu takes place every year but, only once every two years, certain rituals are performed that the general public may not get to see.

Visiting weeks before and going back to visit weeks after, events like this have worked wonders for me and my photography.  I was surprised at the warm greetings I recieved, this time around, when I visited the Village Office and I'm chomping at the bit to spend some time with the villagers of Ada, again.

This photo will be my weekly submission for LadyExpat's TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY.

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