Monday, July 18, 2011

Party Girls Test Drive the Canon G12 Camera: Photo Essay

Here are the birthday girls who were celebrating in my bar/studio Sunday night in Okinawa, Japan.

Names and ages won't be revealed in case anyone innocent doesn't want attention drawn to them.

There couldn't be a better way to run a camera through its paces than this.  Set everything to AUTO MODE, Pattern Metering, Flash on Auto Red-eye Reduction and turn a bunch of party gals loose with it.  

The G12 decided f/3.2  1/15sec and ISO 400 was the way to go for these, first two photos taken at a focal length of 9mm and 8mm respectively.

Here's why I'm glad I was drinking beer and not the cameraman.  Those freakin peace signs in front of a camera are some kinda reflex action in Japan and drive me absolutely crazy.

This was another f/3.2  1/15  ISO 400 shot taken at 8mm.

Don't ask what's going on in this photo, I have no idea.  It looks like a birthday pie, or something on fire and the gals are practicing some kinda aerial maneuvers like, maybe they saw that Top Gun movie. 

The G12 decided on higher ISOs for this shot.  It went to ISO 640  f/2.8  1/15  6mm.

That's my silhouette, over at the bar, drinking beer and talking to a guy I think I'll start calling RyukyuRu.  All the party gals think he looks like some movie star from Top Gun.  Hah !

It's a little past midnight in this photo and the gals are just doing whatever they do while waiting for someone else to show up.  Drink, gab, and eat.  f/2.8  1/15  ISO 400  lens at 6mm.

After birthday presents are um, presented we get to see some feet.  f/4.5  1/15  ISO 400 at 30mm.

Then, a fanny.  Not sure if it was the shoes, leggings, skirt, or what, that had to do with sticking the fanny out. 

I'm glad all I had to do was drink beer and let someone else do the photos.  f/3.2  1/60  ISO 800  8mm.

This turned out to be one of my favorite photos.

f/2.8  1/15  ISO 400 at a focal length of 7mm.

Another favorite shot was this one.  LOOK NO PEACE SIGNS !   f/2.8  1/15  ISO 400 at 6mm.

Closer to 1:30AM they start posing with bags of munchies, or something.  f/2.8  1/15   ISO 400  at 6mm.

At 3:52AM the party gals are still drinking and singing.  It looks like the flock thinned out a bit. Maybe some went to the powder room or are passed out behind a sofa.  f/2.8  1/60  ISO 400 at 6mm.

There was a typhoon in the area so, with rain and wind expected, everyone decided staying indoors all night long would be a good idea.  Closer to 4AM  f/2.8  1/15  ISO 400  6mm.

At 4:17AM the drinking and singing were still going strong.  f/3.2  1/15  ISO 400  focal length 8mm.

It isn't everyday you'll see me let a bunch of Party Girls test drive one of my cameras but, I had them give it a try so I could do a thorough review on this new machine of mine.  I shoot all my cameras in Manual Mode, exclusively.  That's not for everyone, I know.  I wanted to see how this little Canon performed on its own.  I'm impressed.  These photos are exactly what came out of the camera with some cropping and slight contrast adjustments by me in editing.  Not too shabby.

Canon G12 in the hands of the Party Girls gets a Five Star Rating !



Map It! Okinawa said...

ha ha...the only studs in that room was Santa and a Tom Cruise look-a- like...

but anyways, great pics I have to say Mike. I'm liking my Canon to. I went to take some shots today. Felt very comfortable with it.

RyukyuMike said...

Sounds like a French word. You aint from around these parts. Are ya ?

Unknown said...

I got a package in the mail from Okinawa today, but the postman left it with my wife. The last time I saw it, it was in my wife's grubby little hands as she was headed down the hallway yelling, "Mine, mine, mine!" Evidently, it arrived in great shape, and to her complete approval. (You did address it to me--right?) Anyway, thanks!

RyukyuMike said...

Yup, it was addressed to you but, you know how wimmen are !
Thanks for letting me know. Hope you get to enjoy it, too !

Unknown said...

You got off lightly... you never know at 4am what is going to be photographed... or what bits. Looks like you've got a great place there; filled lots of laughter and love... not to mention just a little of the amber juice. Sweet.

PS - Canon G12 not bad... not bad at all.

Ryan said...

Looked like a fun night Mike. Was that a pack of cigarettes on the table? You know they've banned smoking in pubs over here, that's why the industry is going down the pan. Fanny means a totally different thing over here mate lol.

RyukyuMike said...

Hah, I'm still slowly, recovering from that Sunday night party. It's already Wed and I'm still in recovery mode!
The G12 is a sweet camera; grab one while they last. I hear production slowed due to power being supplied from the Fukushima Plant.

RyukyuMike said...

Yep, probably my smokes you saw. There's nothing quite like a good old smoked-filled bar; keeps the mosquitos at bay.
How ya like the decor? I call it Early American Junkyard!
I'll have to get me one of those English-English Dictionaries tomake sure I aint puttin no uncouth cusswords on my blog, eh?