Monday, June 24, 2013

Okinawa Peace Memorial Park Under The Supermoon (Photos)

June 23rd is Memorial Day in Okinawa, Japan


Mabuni Hill, in Itoman is the site, dedicated to the memory of all those lost during the war.

Last night, we went there late, to see the illumination.

Fortunately, the full moon was available to photograph, too.

Because Itoman is far south of where I live, I had no idea where the moon would rise.

Pillars of Peace Lights were turned on over a monument.

They represent the searchlights used during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945.

The Supermoon looked huge as it rose above the treetops.

The place was solemnly quiet.

Visitors came to a pond, where they could float a lighted candle for peace.

Many of them knelt and made prayers.

Here is one candle, singled-out, to show the reflection on the water.

Making a long exposure for the moon, the candles leave a light trail.

A gentle summer breeze kept them in motion.

Moving away from the pond gave a view of the illumination and the moon.

Is there a special Memorial Day like this, where you live ?

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