Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, Tip Your Boat Over During the Race !

A Highlight of the Dragonboat Races


This isn't something you see happen at many boat races.

Half way through the course, the teams deliberately capsize their boats.

It's a ritual performed at the Dragonboat Races of Itoman, Okinawa, Japan.

Three boat teams overturn the boats but, I wanted to zoom-in and show just one.

It's called the Kunnukaze (Capsize) race.

The boat is rolled over and completely filled with sea water.

Everybody hops back in and starts paddling and bailing out water, like crazy.

There's no sump pump or, motors involved here; just pure muscle power.

Nobody on the team gripes or complains.  They just bail and paddle.

With the last man on board, they finally get someone to do the steering !

More about the Itoman Dragonboat Races.

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