Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flower Photo: Yellow Alder, Yellow Buttercup or Sage Rose

Bright Yellow Flower in Okinawa


These little flowers are blooming everywhere and the color just jumps right out at you.

It took about a week to round up all the goodies on this plant.

If you like scientific stuff, call them Turnera ulmifolia.

They are asking for help expanding the stub of an article at Wikipedia.

But, I learned, over there, this plant may have some antibiotic value.

Lots of people at Dave's Garden have the plants, talk about them and post photos.

That's where, I saw, "Danger:  Parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested."

The flowers close-up at night and, new ones open the next day.

That's what I learned at the University of Florida 

Now Comes the Scary Stuff



Don't ask what led me to the next site, I checked for information.  It just happened.

Some how, I wound up at the US National Library of Medicine.

Some doctors or, scientists discovered this plant being used as folk medicine, in Brazil.

The locals use tea from this plant to cure things like ulcers.

Well, they decided to test it out on rats.  They probably had to get them drunk, to create ulcers.

What do rats have to worry about, so much, that they get ulcers ?

It seems like whatever concoction of tea they made, helped mice and rats with their ulcers.

So, if you have any vermin around your house, suffering from ulcers, you could help them.

You can get the recipe free, here.

If You Get These Yellow Flowers and an Ulcer



Listen to what Dave's Garden has to say.  Some of the stuff in these plants, is poison.

Go see a doctor.  Not a rat doctor, a human one !

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