Monday, June 10, 2013

Beach Spider Lily Images and Some Interesting Links

These Spiders You Want in Your Garden


They originally came from the coasts of Mexico and Central America.

And, some wild ones were spotted in Florida, according to the Wiki folks.

In Okinawa, we have them blooming everywhere, right now.

Hymenocallis littoralis is the scientific name.

If you want to grow some where you live, see which variety you like best.

The Pacific Bulb Society can tell you all about them.

If you don't live near a beach, it's not a problem.

According to Guide to Houseplants, you can grow them indoors.

The Encyclopedia of Life gives you all sorts of information.

They will show you all the media and maps on this plant, should you have a need.

 US Department of Agriculture has these flowers on their Wetland Plant List.

Over in the UK, Tropical Britain says, these Spider Lilies are "astonishingly beautiful."

So, I bet if you plant some in your house or, garden, you'll love these spiders.

What are you waiting for, Christmas ?

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