Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flower Photo: Plumeria with Way More Information than Normal

How-to Stuff Always Comes in Handy


That's why many hours are devoted to researching plants and flowers around here.

Once an ID is made, on some flower that's new to me, I like to get all the information I can.

If someone wants to grow the plants or, eat them, they should be able to click a link and go.

Today, it's raining so, I dug-up lots of how-to stuff for you in my endless search for truth.

 The day I shot this Plumeria photo, I was loaded for bear.

Two Pentax cameras, two tripods, three lenses, three flower identification books, tripods and, the wife.

We were on a mission: Shoot as many exotic flowers as we could find.

That gives me plenty of blog material.

And, she can't complain about me never taking her anywhere.  Hah !

We did good.  A new flower could appear here once a week, if it keeps raining.

About the Plumeria




It's really a tropical plant but, people around the globe are growing them these days.

If you know what you're doing, you could plant them in pots.

Then, when it gets too cold in the garden, drag them into the house, until it warms-up again outside.

Watch your kids and animals, though; the sap is poison. 

The pretty flowers are used to make those necklaces called Hawaiian Leis.

The Plumeria flowers come in many colors and you can see non-copyrighted photos of them at:

That's where I learned, in Hawaii, they call the plant Pua Melia.

And, in Australia, they are named Dead Man's Fingers !

There's a Plumeria Society video on YouTube if you want to see how to care for them.

The Way More Than You Need Information

Once I found about these flowers being used to make leis in Hawaii, I had a flashback.

Just a young kid, stepping off the boat in Hawaii, I was totally shocked, back in the 1960's.

Some Hula-looking girl threw these flowers around my neck and gave me a hug.

I must have been a real redneck and blushed.  WTF ?

Some older folks told me, "You just got leid." So, I learned something that day.

Anyway, I typed "Get leid" in a search just to see what I could find for you.

You must watch this Grandma's video and give her a thumbs up.

She says, "I got laid nine times in the first hour."  And, winks at you !

Tell me that gal doesn't crack you up !

Well, I have to get going.  I watched the video 10 times and keep forgetting to write the recipe down.

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