Saturday, June 15, 2013

5 Photos of Blue Skies and Dragonboats in Okinawa

2013 Kin Town Dragonboat Races


The fair weather spirits smiled on my hometown, Kin Village in Okinawa, today.

A cameraman could get burned-out shooting  a few thousand photos of these boats in a week.

 So, I play with the camera lens to squeeze some scenery into the frame.

The blue sky with white clouds was a relief, to see, after months of rainy season.

Once in awhile a cloud carrying some moisture blew over.  But, it never rained.

The team members, wearing orange life vests gave some terrific color contrast to these images.

There will be hundreds of close-up dragonboat photos processed next week.

For now, just kick back and enjoy the scenery I saw over Kin Town today.

Life's a beach !

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