Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hydrangea Report #2 from Izumi, Okinawa, Japan (Photos)

They Are Still Blooming


The hills are covered with those pink, white and blue blossoms.

And, there must be another dozen beautiful flowers I haven't identified, yet.

Good things, like this, can't last forever.

Even, the tourists know that.

If you haven't been to see the hydrangea, you'd better hurry.

A few years ago, we had a big typhoon, the day after I went to shoot photos.

As soon as the typhoon blew over, we went back to check on the flowers.

They were all gone, I guess.

That's mostly because, the typhoon hit so hard, we couldn't find the place !

Hurry and get up there before the end of the month, would be my recommendation.

And, wear something besides blue or, your friends might lose you in those hills !


Okispice said...

I went today. It was gorgeous! Visited the stone garden too. Couldn't have been a better day to go to Motobu!

RyukyuMike said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the day. It is a good idea to visit the Stone Garden before the summer heat sets-in so, your timing was great !

Okispice said...

Too bad we missed each other ...

RyukyuMike said...

Actually, I had no idea that I was heading to see the ajisai, yesterday. We were on Motobu Peninsula shooting a cultural event. One of the Okinawans riding with us had never seen Nakijin Castle so, on the way home, we went there. Then, happened to hit the ajisai festival, on our last stop. It was getting close to 5PM by that time.

Okispice said...

I can never plan either, I'm a gypsy soul.