Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mad Mike Review: Coleman All Outdoors 3 - in - 1 Blanket

A Must Have for the Traveler


This is a product I have tried and tested for a few months and am nuts about.

The folks over at Coleman should hire me as a test dummy.

There are lots more than 3 ways to use it.

Here's the box mine came in.  I still have it from way back before last Christmas.

They say the 3 - in - 1 stuff is, Blanket/Poncho/Stadium Seat.

Yup.  I've done all that stuff and, even more with mine.

 There it is covering one of those Naughahyde chairs someone gave me.

That stuff makes me sweat.

So, I take my nap on top of my blanket everyday.

That means, you could call it an anti-naugahyde device, I guess.

One night, I got stuck sleeping on a concrete park bench and used my Coleman.

That would make it a park bench cushion.

When the ocean breeze got too chilly, I squinched myself-up in it.

It suddenly turned into a sleeping bag.  The cops didn't even notice me.

It was like, I blended in with my surroundings. A camouflaged sleeping bag !

Occasionally,  my backpack gets too many items in it and something rubs my back wrong.

Suddenly, the backpack cushion was invented.

We don't do a lot of stadium-going in this part of the world but, have lots of festivals.

The standard festival furniture is overturned beer crates, that hurt your fanny.

Now, I have an Orion Beer festival cushion.

Outdoors, many times, the sun in Okinawa is scorching hot and, some shade is required.

With a little bit of cord and some imagination, the Coleman provides it.

Portable roofing ?

Traveling light, sometimes, I stuff things like, small camera, paperwork, etc. inside the cushion.

Then, it becomes a shoulder bag.  Once, it was, even a dirty laundry bag !

Windscreen, pillow, privacy screen, pup tent a few other uses come to mind but that's enough, for now.

Soon, we'll be packing-up for a trip to another island.

There will be some photos taken, using this piece of gear as a background.

That way I can show all the gear that goes along with me, as a checklist.

The 3 - in - 1 Coleman Blanket gets a five star rating from me.

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