Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Travel Photo: Mangrove Reflections

mangrove trees, water, reflection

Camera: Pentax K3

Lens: Pentax 18-250 at 155mm

Exposure:  f/16   1/2sec   ISO 100

Location:  Okukubi River, Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

Date and Time:  AUG 30 2015  6:27PM

A Few Facts About Mangrove Forests



Mangrove trees only grow in tropical and subtropical coastal areas.

They become flooded and drained, twice each day, with the movement of the tides.

Mangrove trees survive in levels of salt which would kill most plants.

They are home to many snakes, amphibians, fish, crustaceans and birds.

The roots provide protection from predators for many young fish and crabs.

They  help stop coastal erosion along many shorelines around the world. 

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