Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lookin' Back at the SEP 2015 Supermoon

ocean, seawall, woman fishing, rocks

It Really Pays to Look Back



Shooting the full moon is something, I try to do every month.

It's always a good idea to get out there and scout out a good location to shoot from, early.

My walk, last night started shortly after 5PM and, things were looking grim.

At the mouth of the Okukubi River, I walked out on the seawall.

The elderly woman, fishing chuckled when, I told her I was going to shoot the supermoon.

The photos in this animated GIF were taken at 6:22PM.

The plan was, to catch the moon rising over the horizon and, it probably wouldn't happen.

moonrise, clouds, ocean

About 6:30, I decided it had been a wasted night and started heading back to town.

My tripod had been set up farther out on the seawall, past the old woman.

The wind was kicking up. I wished the woman good luck and headed for shore.

Before, I got off the seawall, the moon appeared and, I was glad I had looked back.

A quick shot was taken but, I knew it wouldn't be a keeper; things were too shaky.

Time: 6:37PM

blurry, full moon, image, clouds
Once, I hit land, I set up the tripod again and snapped another shaky image, in the wind.

Time: 6:40PM

It didn't seem like things would get any better and, I had a long walk home ahead of me.

Walking back up the river, the wind started to die down and, I kept looking back. 

supermoon, SEP 28 2015

 If you don't like stubborn people, you probably wouldn't want to meet me.

Following the road upstream, I kept stopping and, looking back at the moon, for a clear shot.

Time: 7:08PM

full moon

From one end of the river, to the other, I kept walking and, checking on the moon.

By the time, I reached the Kin Dam, it peeked through the black clouds again.

Time: 7:46PM

SEP 2015 supermoon

 Heavy black clouds kept blowing across the moon and blocking it out.

After taking this shot, I figured my photography, for the night, was done.

Time: 7:47

Now, I'm sitting here wondering if that old gal caught any fish for her supper.

She probably shouldn't have cackled at me !

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