Sunday, September 6, 2015

Where Cloud Eleven Meets Cloud Twelve

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A Photo Taken While Rock Hunting



When I go out with the cameras, I'm usually on some sort of a mission.

This time, it was to find a certain rock, off the east coast of the island.

It's over an hour's walk from where I hang out in my office.

Just in case, I couldn't find the assigned rock, I shoot whatever tickles me, along the way.

That way there's something to show, for a few hours of walking in the hot sun.

And, if the rock, I was searching for, never materialized, I could change my story.

Say something like, "It was a cloud hunting assignment and, it turned out alright."

Well, I found the damn rock, I was looking for but, I didn't like the light it was under.

So, I'll go back and do the rock thingy, another day.

How These Clouds Got Titled



Putting a title on a photo takes a little bit of thinking.  It can be tricky.

One of these days, the camera, will do all that stuff for you.

The way things stand, right now, your photo gets an image number and, that's it.

Well Google, Yahoo and, all the other search engines, Don't like IMGP8159 titles.

So, when you post an image online, it's best to make up some sort of name or, title.

To me, clouds are just clouds.

Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus, Nimbostratus and Cumulonimbus are scientists' words.

I am not a scientist so, I have to come up with something original for a title.

When I researched "cloud number nine" they gave me information overload.

Everything form Buddhist stuff to the US Weather Bureau origins for the term.  Groan.

There used to be an expression for "cloud eight" and "clouds thirty seven and thirty-nine." 

However, I never found anything about a cloud 11 or, cloud 12.

That's the best explanation, I can give you, for choosing today's title.

If you don't like it, go read through this and, pull a title for clouds, out of your own rear end !

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