Sunday, September 13, 2015

5 Animations from a Sports Day in Japan

Normally an October Event



A school sports day, is called an Undokai, in this part of the world.

There are so many schools, holding sports days, things start happening in September.

Have a peek at some of the activities, I witnessed today.

jumping rope at an Undokai, children

Kids were jumping rope in unison under blue skies with flags, flapping in the breeze.

relay race, ball

There was some sort of relay race using  bamboo poles and an exercise ball.

These children were either celebrating a win or, had just given up and,  having some some fun.

track, baton, relay

 Catching these runners, passing the baton is always a challenge for the cameraman.

children, couples, dancing

 It's funny, some of the music, you hear, for these dances.

One time, it might be something that sounds like the Prime Minister of Russia's music.

Then, the next thing you know, they start playing Turkey in the Straw stuff !

drummer, Eisa dancers

The best part of an Undokai, for me, is always the Eisa.

As soon as, I shot this scene, it was time to get out of the hot sun and download cameras.

Next Sunday, there will be Sports Days in two different villages, for me to attend.

It will be fun, shuffling from one school to the next without hurting anyone's feelings.

These Undokai things are huge family events and, grandpa is expected to attend them all.


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