Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Flower Named Queen Sirikit -- Mussaenda

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Photographed Under Blue Sky



These flowers made a brief appearance in my office, last October.

A typhoon was approaching and a woman let me take a cutting before they all got blown away.

Taking a few shots with black background, I added them to my flower collection. 

Then, stuck the cuttings in some water and, offered to give them away.

Nobody claimed them so, they wound up in the mulch pile out back.

Something Had to Be Done Before the Next Typhoon



When I saw these blossoms, out there today, I hurried and grabbed the cameras.

Another unpredictable tropical storm is building out there, now.

And, I figured it would be best to capture the flowers in nature, before  they all blow away.

This particular plant stands about twice as tall as I do.

Research tells me they can become seven meters tall. That's over 21 feet.

To Learn More About These Plants Visit:

People Sometimes Ask Me Where to Buy Plants



Really, I don't run around shopping for plants; my wife swipes them from other gardens.

 Years ago, I did some gardening but, photography, keeps me too busy, these days.

But, as a public service, I decided to start helping people find seeds and flowers.

If the links above, don't lead curious gardeners to find the plants try this:

They tell you:  "This plant may be available to buy.  Click the banana to see."

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