Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Okinawan Bar Way Down the Street from Here

alcohol, bottles, bar, shelf, knick-knacks

The Place Jogged a Few Memories



A few months ago, I started taking long walks to shoot the full moon.

Going to the northeast end of town and down to the beach, keep me out there pretty late.

bar, exterior, wood, round windows

This bar with a wooden front and round windows caught my attention.

It would be a good subject to shoot with some wide angle lenses.

For lunar photography, I'm usually carrying monster lenses to zoom in on the full moon. 

300-700mm of lens, wouldn't work too well in a small place like this.

One night, I stoped by to have a beer on the way home from a moon shoot.

The cameras just got stashed away on the counter.

barroom scene

Something about this place, told me, I had been here before.

It's not a very large establishment. Twenty people would make it crowded.

hibachi, cooking box

Just below a round, stained glass window is this room, with a hibachi in it.

That would be called a fire or, cooking box and, this one still looks operable.

booth, tables, sofas, barroom

Over in the far corner of the bar folks can get a little privacy at these tables.

For some reason, I couldn't shake the feeling, I had been here before.

If they held a contest for people who couldn't remember stuff, I could win, I bet.

 Girls don't want to become one of my ex-wives because, I'll probably forget their names.

Yoko, the gal who owns and operates this bar, does sort of like me.

She can't remember names but, never forgets faces.

She remembered me from visiting this place back in the 1970's.

So, I promised one day, to come back and create some images with a wide angle lens.

art, breastfeeding baby
 All of a sudden, I looked up at a back wall of the bar and spotted this picture.

Then, I remembered being in here a long, long time ago.

The artwork reminded me and, I'll never forget this bar or her name, again.

She's the girl with the baby and a flower in her hair ! 

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