Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Today Some Telephone Poles and Power Lines Got Moved

Before and After



Here's an example of something you may come across in your travels with the camera.

It was impossible to photograph the weekend's events, without seeing lots of overhead wires.

Not someone who likes to spend hours photo editing, I had to find a simple solution.

Telephone poles, wires and satellite dishes can be big distractions in your photos.

With  something as simple as Adobe Elements, they can be removed.

wires, poles, before removal

Before:  Power lines and poles

poles, wires removed

After: Telephone poles and wires removed

 It Takes a Bit of Practice



Extreme makeovers are something, I wouldn't recommend for beginners.

There are many YouTube videos and tutorials available online and, they are free.

A few links to some sites, I visited today:
  How to Remove Objects from Photos with Photoshop Elements 

Photoshop Elements Clone Stamp Tool

Removing Antennas and Power Lines With the Spot Healing Brush 

Video from YouTube: Using the Healing Brush in Photoshop Elements

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