Monday, September 7, 2015

Flower Photo: Purple Showers

AKA Mexican Petunia



A botanist might call this one Ruellia brittoniana because, that's what those people do.

The plants are growing wild right outside my front door.

purple shower, flowers, Mexican petunia

It started raining like crazy this morning so, I brought a clipping in.

Among a few other things I do on rainy days, I shot this photo for flower identification.

 The rest of the day was spent, trying to get the scientific name. Groan.

After a few hours of squinting at thumbnails on the computers, I gave up.

The wife came by and said she knew the name but, couldn't remember. Groan.

A few images were sent out online, to Japanese friends who know these things.

Everywhere, I went, I came back empty-handed.

All of a sudden, I got an ingenious idea.  Take the damn things to a florist !

By the time it stopped raining, all the flowers, were lying on the ground. Groan, again.

Grabbing a paper napkin and pen (to write with) I rescued one flower.

The florist recognized the purple thing but, couldn't name it.

He began flipping through flower books and, couldn't find them, either.

This is starting to be a really crappy day, is what I've been thinking.

Here I am, in a damn flower shop and, they can't tell me the name of a flower !

The wife's  birthday is soon and, I could probably order $150 worth of flowers for her.

Well, I must have been thinking too loud.

Walking back to the office with my pen, napkin and damn purple flower, I got a surprise.

The florist's daughter came running down the street with her iPhone.

She had found something called yanagibaruiraso with photos.

It turned out to be these Purple Shower flowers and, made my day.

She just made her Pops a bunch of money. 

More about these purple flowers may be seen at:

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