Friday, September 18, 2015

6 Early Evening Photos from a Mangrove Forest

As the Sun Dips Down Below the Mountains



The Golden hour for photography happens just after sunrise and, an hour before the sun sets.

These photos were taken between 5-6PM while taking evening strolls over this past week.

mangroves, river, forest,wooden decking and railing, boardwalk

The sun, setting low in the western sky, gives the scenery a golden glow.

mangrove, trees, river, reflection

 As long as the wind, doesn't stir things up, reflection photography begs to be shot.

mangrove trees, low tide, exposed roots

 Twice a day the tide goes out, exposing the mangrove roots.

mangrove forest, trees

Deep in the forest, it's time to do some wide angle photography; everything is quiet and still.

close up, mangroe tree, texture

A close up shot, reveals the rough texture of the trees in these forests.

Backing off with the lens, a parting shot was taken as the light faded. 

The mangrove forest gets dark in a hurry, after the sun sets.

No telling, what you might bump into if, you get stuck walking around down there after dark !


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