Thursday, September 24, 2015

An Unexpected Discovery Down in the Mangroves

mangrove trees, reflection,river

Visiting this forest with the sun setting, gives you some terrific reflections.

Usually, I time my walk to be alongside the river during high tide.

mangrove tree, bark

 When there aren't any interesting wide angle scenes, I do some close-up photography.

That's just to show some of the textures the mangrove provides.

trees, mangroves forest, low tide

 When the tide goes out, the mangrove roots are exposed.

Once in awhile, I visit during low tide, to get deeper into the forest.

bark of mangrove, tree, moss

 This was a great time to capture moss, growing on the shady side of a tree.

There's a myth about the stuff growing on the north side of trees.

But, that depends on what part of the world you happen to get lost in.

Read Outdoor Life for more on the subject of survival. 

television, discarded, trash, mangrove forest

This little surprise has me concerned about survival of the critters in the mangroves.

It could impact the survival of travel and tourism in the mangrove forest, as well.

 It looks like someone couldn't afford the recycle fee for their busted television.

So, they decided to throw it away, in the mangroves.

Something needs to be done, to prevent things like this from happening.

If people continue to throw their trash in the forest it'll start looking like Tomigusuku

Who would pay for an Eco-tour, where you visit a landfill ?

Looking online for some solutions, I sort of like the Singapore solution.

Down that way, a person could get their fanny paddled, for doing stupid stuff like this.

Take a look at some of the punishments Singapore deals out to their criminals.

Then, tell me those kinds of laws wouldn't come in handy, around here !

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