Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Animated GIFs from the Ishikawa Eisa Festival

children, ride, festival

It's Silver Week in Japan and this Eisa  Matsuri got the festivities off to a great start.

There are always plenty of activities for children, such as, flying airplanes.

crowd seated, child dancing Eisa with adults

Some of the younger generation, would rather dance Eisa with the adults.

youth, taiko drummers

These young taiko drummers put on an extraordinary show.

seniors, dance, classic Okinawan

Senior citizens danced in a circle to some classic Ryukyu music.

martial arts performance

The martial arts demonstration always gets plenty of attention.

Before the fireworks display in the evening, it started pouring down rain.

Heading back to Kin Town from Ishikawa, I saw fireworks, through a rear view window !

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