Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Bird Known as Sashiba (サシバ) in Japan

Migratory Visitor to Okinawa



These birds reside in northern areas of China, Japan and Russia.

During the winter months they visit Taiwan and our islands.

raptor, Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle, perched

Common Name: Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle

Scientific Name: Butastur indicus

Taking a wild guess, I'd say, this one must be a juvenile because it was small.

It couldn't have been much taller than, the length of my hand.

Buzzard Eagles diet consists of snakes, rodents and frogs, most of the time.

Last year, I spotted one, catching and devouring large grasshoppers and bugs.

The species, at one point in history, became endangered in Taiwan.

It seems hunters were after the bird's feathers and hides, to sell in Japan.

They say, a seasoned hunter could, nail 70-80 birds, on a good night.

The eagles, were also being used for Chinese medicines and falconry.

Learn about the conservation of this species at Birding in Taiwan


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