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Okinawan Folktale: Sparrow and Fly

Fly Ratted on the Sparrow



There once was a fly, concerned about sparrows, eating farmer's rice crop.

Flies get shooed away, when they land on someones food.

But, he never saw anyone, chase the birds away from the rice fields and, it angered him.

So, the fly decided to talk to God and, get the sparrows reprimanded.

He told God, the birds were eating rice off the stalks, before it was ready to be harvested.

Hearing this story, displeased God and, he agreed, the sparrow needed a talking to.

The fly, returned to earth, satisfied that the sparrow was in big trouble.

bird, sparrow, rusty barbed wire

An Angry God



God commanded the sparrow to appear before him.

In a loud voice that, rattled heaven and earth, God roared at the sparrow.

God said, "Sparrow, a fly informed me, you've been stealing the farmers green rice."

Shaking in his feathers the sparrow told God, the fly had misrepresented him. 

"Sparrows only eat the grains that have fallen on the ground," he told God.

Sparrows learned from their ancestors to only consume what mankind, doesn't eat to survive. 

Then he told God some of his observations learned from watching flies.

He said, "God if you watch closely, the fly is a disgusting creature.

One minute, they are on a pile of manure. Next, they land on someone's bowl of rice!"

God thought about it and, was no longer angry with the bird.

He said, "You're are a good lad, you are free to go about your business.

I want to see that criminal fly, right now!"

housefly, rubbing hands, close-up

An Angrier God


When the fly got called back to heaven, he figured God was going to reward him.

His snitching on the sparrow must have pleased God and, he would be thankful for it.

Happily, he buzzed along the way to visit God, again. He was about to get a surprise.

God roared at him, "You filthy bug. You have been landing on people's food.

And, you never stop to wash your hands or feet.  How disgusting!"

The fly whimpered and, rubbed his hands in front of God, apologetically. 

When he was finally dismissed he flew back to earth with tears in his eyes.

The tongue-lashing is why, the fly rubs his hands, seeking God's forgiveness, to this day.


Okinawan Folk Stories ISBN978-4-99009-146-0 P.67

Condensed from The Fly and the Sparrow

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All Photos on this post were provided by Nature Photographer Shawn Miller. 

One of the advantages of traveling this island is meeting some top notch cameramen.

All connected on Facebook, we often cross paths out in the field.

Meeting other professionals, in this line of work, always creates new friendships.

Yesterday morning, Shawn spotted me watching the surf, without a camera in my hands.

An unusual occurrence, he probably, pulled off the road to see what was wrong with me.

It just happened to be, I was killing time, before putting on the Santa suit.

We chatted for awhile and, I mentioned needing some photos for this folk story.

The images were emailed, to me this afternoon.

Except for maybe, politicians, money can't buy you friends better than that.

Thanks, again Shawn !  

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Shawn Miller's "Nature Therapy" Photography images will be on display.

The exhibit may be seen from 9AM-5PM JAN 14-FEB 29 2016

Visit the OIST Website for more details.

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