Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Return of the Bean Goose to Kin Town in Okinawa

Tundra Bean Goose, Anser serrirostris, field

It Isn't Everyday You See Wild Geese on the Island


Whenever you spot one, out in the open, it's a good idea, to take lots of pictures.

They, aren't used to hanging around people in this part of the world.

So, you need to sneak up on them slowly and quietly or, they'll fly away, in a hurry.

They are called Tundra Bean Goose (Anser serrirostris) a migratory visitor.

In Japan,  Hishikui (ヒシクイ) is what they're called. And, people love these birds.

 pair of Bean Geese,open field,standing

 Seeing two of them means, you're twice as lucky but, be cautious; they're watching for you.

Approach them cautiously so, you don't spook them and, be twice as quiet, doing it.

three Bean Geese, field, birds, wildlife

Three of them, in the same day, is like winning the Trifecta in a horse race.

If one of them spots you, sneaking around, for a good shot, they'll all take off and fly away.

3 birds, wild, Bean Geese, open field
Bird lovers, photographers and probably news cameras, will go crazy over these geese.

They weren't in the fields of Kin Town yesterday, I know because, I was there.

And, had my lens, cranked all the way out to 700MM, to take these photos.

Bean Geese, pair, close-up

As soon as, I had enough photos, I sent a message to a cameraman friend.

Because, I know he will want to get there before the crowds and, take some photos, too.

3 Bean Geese, fields, road, buildings, fences

 Just to make sure, there's no confusion about, where the geese are located, a wide angle view.

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 26.447

Longitude: 127.935 


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